• Established in 1960 in the United Kingdom with a factory in Rochford, Essex, England since 1965.
  • Full history of all customer orders and specifications are kept to enable us to supply repeat orders and deal with any spares enquiries promptly.
  • The company has agents all over the world and exports over one-third of its turnover.
About Us


  • Pressure/Vacuum Switch Ranges from -30hg. vacuum to +420 Barg.
  • Differential Pressure Switch Ranges from -30hg. vacuum to +21 Barg.
  • Temperature Switch Ranges from -30 to +360 Degrees C.
  • Vacuum/Pressure Sampling.
  • Pressurised Sampling.
  • Portable and Fixed Site Samplers.
  • Battery or Mains Power Operation.


  • Our Quality Management system has been approved to BS EN ISO 9001:2015 and the company has been Q.A. registered since 25th July 1985.
  • Controls meet ATEX and PED standards where required.
  • Samplers Manufactured to ISO 5667, Part 10, E32 Compliant and meet the latest Mcerts requirements.