• Samplers for waste water, effluent, sewage, sludge and industrial discharges.
  • Fixed site, Freestanding, Refrigerated, 100-240 volt or Battery backed.
  • Portable, Lightweight, Transportable, Battery operated.
  • Multi bottle or Composite sample collection.
  • Automatic, Microprocessor controlled, for Timed or Flow Proportional operation.
  • Infinite variations.
  • All Sirco Samplers meet the requirements of the International Standard for Waste Water Samplers – ISO 5667 – Part 10
  • E32 Compliant for UWWTR Sampling.
  • Samplers Compliant to Mcerts.

Whilst reluctant to blow our own trumpet, Sirco Controls Limited pioneered the first Automatic Vary Sampler, and since then we are continuously developing innovative ways to sample all types of liquids, waste water, sewage and sludge, and that is what has made us one of the Worlds leading Sampler Manufacturers. We make the effort to understand your requirements, and our engineers will tailor your design to suit your particular needs.

Manufacturing samplers on a production line and selling or hiring a stock item is not our way of doing business. Keeping in touch with Lab Chemists and Analysts for over three decades, and studying the regulatory requirements, has taught us much. That is why the solution to your sampling requirements will be handled in a professional manner.

“As experts in the field of Sampler technology, Sirco are good at their job”

Across the world, Sirco Samplers are used, and continue to be used by experts who recognise a quality product produced and manufactured by Sirco Controls Limited’s Environmental Systems Division.

Sirco operate a quality system that ensures that all instruments are made to strict standard – adequately tested to the latest mandatory regulations (E.M.C., L.V.D., E32 & Mcerts) and bear the marks of reliability.

Reinforced by competent, contractually engaged Agents throughout the World, Sirco’s Sampler Division offers the kind of service expected by discerning customers.

For additional information on our complete range of Portable & Fixed Site Samplers please see our Online Catalogue. To contact us please visit our Contacts Page or fill in our Online Enquiry Form.